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  • May you manufacture commercial products in YBIRD?

    No. We may not manufacture commercial products in YBIRD because it is solely designated for R&D. We may manufacture investigational drugs for clinical studies or trials(basically untill PhⅡ).

  • Is it possible for us to borrow the facilities and apparatus?

    No. We do not lend our facilities nor apparatus. Only YBIRD staff can operate our facilities and apparatus.

  • Is it possible for us to pay a cost as a remuneration for success?

    We will charge a cost to you according to our performance. We do not guarantee the results of our performance if the process development has not been completed or the reproducibility has not been confirmed in YBIRD.

  • May we consign to you a performance of a partial step in the total process such as only culturing or only purification in the case of sample preparation or process development?

    Yes, you may.

  • May we consign to you manufacturing together with the selection of reagent and materials?

    Yes, you may.

  • Is it possible to observe the facility?

    Yes. Please contact us in advance in order for us to arrange your site tour without any inconvenience. About five persons are the upper limit for a site tour because of the space in our facility.

  • Do you conclude a nondisclosure agreement before meeting?

    Yes, we may when needed.