Collaborative research

We do collaborative research in YBIRD with academia and companies. We support your research as a partner to evaluate your seeds or to establish their evaluation methods.

  • Our main role

    We will perform our role in a collaborative research with our pilot-scale manufacturing equipments and analysis apparatus to establish culture methods or conditions for microbial/mammalian cells, to establish purification methods for recombinant proteins, to confirm the scale-up of a bioprocess, or to verify performance evaluation methods for materials or apparatus under development.

  • Framework to meet your request

    We can respond to your request or rules of competitive funds you apply as a member of a collaborative research or through a framework of contract research or experiment. We can also support your application to competitive funds.

Example of verification support

Example of production support

Example of flow to collaborative research

  • Collaborative research partner

    Collaborative research



Inquiry from customer


Preparation of application for research development



Conclusion of a collaborative research contract

Sharing of research

Sharing of research
[Culturing, purification, and performance evaluation etc.]

Submission of result report

Please contact us first.
We will propose an appropriate collaborative research framework.