• YBIRD provides the suitable training for bioprocessing human resources.
  • Reliability of YBIRD, a first public service facility in Japan
  • YBIRD receives requests which are various bioprocess business.
  • YBIRD cooperates to accelerate the biopharmaceutical research as your partner.

Contract manufacturing services

We can offer a wide range of bioprocess manufacturing services with our facility
where both a mammalian cell line and a microbial cell are available. Please contact us from an early stage of R&D.

  • To prepare in a small scale

    To prepare in
    a small scale

  • To establisha large scale for commercial product

    To establisha large
    scale for commer-
    cial product

  • To provide protocol and data

    To provide
    protocol and

  • To verify and evaluate the prototype

    To verify
    and evaluate
    the prototype

  • To assure high quality and reliability

    To assure high qua-
    lity and reliability

    (now under development
    of GMP system)

Collaborative research on bioprocesses

Collaborative research on bioprocesses

We conduct collaborative R&Ds in a process development together with public research organizations and private companies. We will support your studies as a partner who is responsible for evaluation of your seeds.

Workforce Training

Workforce Training

We provide bioprocess training courses to understand cell culture technique, biochemical technique like purification, and handling single-use materials, which are all essential for manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

  • Lectures

  • Bench-scale lab training

  • Pilot-scale bioprocessing training


At No.8 stop of Tsurumi Sta. Bus Terminal(*),
take Tsuru-08 route bus(Kawasaki-Tsurumi Rinko Bus) bound for "Fure-yu".
In about 12 min. get off at "Riken/Shidai-Daigakuin-mae"*:In front of east exit of "Tsurumi Sta." on JR Keihin Tohoku Line or
"Keikyu-Tsurumi Sta." on Keihinkyuko Line.